Branding, Image & Identity
This is where it all begins. Your brand, image and/or identity is much more than a nice looking logo or graphic design on business cards. It’s even more than the fantastic packaging of your movie trilogy’s DVD box set. Without a clear picture of who you and your product are and what that represents, your audience or clientele won’t know what to think of you. Your brand is all about – well, YOU. Let us define, design and create the image of it. Then we’ll promote it so people know everything there is to know about you.

Internet Presence & Website Development
We specialize in creating websites that make a statement, and are visited often. Whether you want a simple, online brochure, a vehicle for product exposure, or you want to maximize traffic and search engine visibility, we get results! We’ll design and personalize a website to meet your specific needs… then we’ll get it picked up and ranked high by the search engines. We‘ll also provide you with concise statistical analysis of your position and ranking with the major search engines, as well as traffic and visitor statistics, and next steps, when necessary for increasing traffic and ranking.

Additionally, we can offer insights about generating income through affiliate programs; we’re pros at incorporating forums, member’s log in systems, blogs, social networking campaigns and other cutting edge media into your site(s) to keep you ahead of the technology! We have the perfect Internet solutions for you, and we’ll keep your site up-to-date and fresh.

Strategic Communications & Social Media

Let’s face it: one of the greatest challenges among successful people and businesses is maintaining that success, and growing it to new levels. An effective way to do that is through communication – and by creating a buzz about you. Your audience, constituents and clients need to know what you’ve got cooking, and they need to hear about it with pizzazz. Jey Associates will conceptualize and executive a well-thought out multi-media outreach campaign (through social media, email blasts, newsletters, video blogs and more), to keep you in constant communication with your “peeps.”

Multi-Media, Video and Production Services
Jey Associates’ background in video production and televised events makes us uniquely qualified to oversee fully customized multi-media projects. At your next seminar or convention, we’ll be there to capture it live. Then we’ll record it, stream it to the, worldwide web or broadcast to an audience far, far away. Finally we’ll produce and package it into a full length DVD. If you can dream it, we can make it happen.

Event Conceptualization, Production & Management
Jey Associates has worked with some of the brightest minds in the event production business. We’ve taken that knowledge and experience to create innovative events for our own clients. We design, plan and execute them to exceed your expectations, and make a lasting impact on your guests. We don’t believe in the word “impossible” and are thrilled to breathe life into interesting, fun, wild or exotic ideas. Better yet, we produce all of our events on schedule and within budget. (Click here to view event production photos).

Press Kit Development
Biographies, press releases, company histories, executive briefs, personal and professional image development, photography, creative concepts, general copy writing… you name it! Press kits are our forte. Whether you’re inventing the next technological breakthrough, creating a clothing line or cutting an album, a well-written, professionally finished press kit, is the best tool to use when people come knocking. It makes no difference if they’re the media, your clients, investors, or a top producer calling about that new television series. Jey Associates will create a press kit that’s unique and unforgettable.

Appearances, Emcee & Speaking Engagements
Whether you want to talk about your next best-selling novel, the medical device you invented or to help your favorite charity raise money, we'll get you in front of the right audience, tradeshow or conference. Then we’ll make sure you’re prepared, that you to say all the right things (see Media Training), and you hit the ball out of the park – every time.

Media Training
We've successfully coached corporate executives and on-camera talent in the art of the interview. Most people think that what they say is all that counts, but the difference between an interview and a great interview is in the details. We teach executives, professionals and talent the secrets to a great interview and the pitfalls to avoid. We also help them polish their public speaking and presentation skills so their audiences rave and want more.

Media Releases & Other Communications
Management of wire services, photography (Wire Image, etc.), and
other types of communications services - Jey Associates covers it all… Hey, we all know someone who’s still in the Dark Ages, using smoke signals as their means of communication. No matter the platform, we’ll get your message out!

Editorial Placement
Jey Associates is connected to key, entertainment, trade and business media in diverse industries, as well as consumer TV, radio and alternative media outlets. We’ll use these media relationships and other unique strategies to get interviews, articles, profiles, mentions and product placements for you.

We’ll create the buzz about you, your businesses, ventures and more. When you need a publicist – we’ll be there for you. We’ll secure your invitation to all the right events, make sure you walk the red carpet, are photographed, interviewed and ushered in. Then we’ll take those photos, interviews and more and let the publicity machine do its job.

Our wealth of experience enables us to pinpoint the areas where you need to adapt and change.Our relationships with vital communications support people, vendors, and services - who keep us “in the loop” on all things new - will ensure that when the next “TWITTER” rolls around, we’ll know about it and put it to work for you. At Jey Associates we believe that the “Cutting Edge” is the place where true success resides.”

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