It is my pleasure to introduce you to Anthony Ulwick.

Mr. Ulwick (author of the best-selling book What Customers Want) and founder of Strategyn, is recognized as a top thought leader and research specialist in business strategy and in the field of innovation. He has published dozens of whitepapers and articles on innovation processes and market research, including the landmark Harvard Business Review articles “Turn Customer Input into Innovation,” and “The Customer-Centered Innovation Map,” as well as the Sloan Management Review article, “Giving Customers a Fair Hearing.”

Outcome-Driven Innovation®, for which Mr. Ulwick is most widely known, was declared the new DFSS Standard for Innovation by Richard E. Zultner, a recipient of the International Akao Prize for QFD, one of two QFD red belts in North America, and a director with the QFD Institute.

Additionally, Tony’s methods have been adopted by leading global organizations, been voted one of the best business ideas by Harvard Business Review and acknowledged by thought leader Clayton Christensen in his bestselling work The Innovator’s Solution.

"[Tony’s] outcome-driven programs bring discipline and predictability to the often random process of innovation."
Clayton Christensen, Harvard Business School

Mr. Ulwick recently unveiled compelling details from a one-year study (qualitative proprietary research) on market growth strategies and innovation methods. His public presentations, generally entitled “You Think You Know What Your Customer Needs? Think Again,” “Achieving Organic Growth Through Innovation,” “Beyond Core Platform Growth,” and “Kill Bad Innovation Theory,” have become key topics discussed by those responsible for implementing full-scale programs for innovation, new product development or market growth strategies, both in the board room and by the water cooler.

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