This extraordinary debut album for this group is a promise of fine things to come from this 5-piece outfit. All the tunes are co-written by the group, except "Good Book," which was written by Steve Plunkett (who is also the producer). Larry Poindexter does the lead vocals, though all have vocal credits so the back up singing, which is very strong, must be done by various combinations of this talented group. They have a strong country roots rock feel that is only enhanced by the calypso flavorings as on “Mary Mary,” or the rocking blues of ”Pauline”. The songs flow together so smoothly they bring an effortless smile to the face, as the soft breeze gently rustles the leaves of a tree. This album is a true melding of American music into a seamless whole. If your roots are new country you might see the influence of Lyle Lovett, or if coming from a more folk rock background you might list early Springsteen as a major influence. It doesn't matter who your favorite is just enjoy the music that flows from the speakers as you cruise on down the road with a huge smile on your face. ~ BOB GOTTLIEB, All Music Guide

Ragged but tight.  Spares, alterna-country production and yelping, caught-up-in-emotion vocal are prefect for Americana playlists.  Unlike so much country product, this actually sounds like a real, live band, pumped up and roaring in the heart of the night.  Go, boys. ~ ROBERT K. OERMANN, MUSIC ROW

“Bouncy, roots rockin’ ditty seems custom-made for cranking at peak volume while cruisin’ down the highway with your best buddies.  Singer Larry Poindexter infuses the song with an urgent, engaging blend of romantic idealism and antsy wanderlust that is complimented by tight, if somewhat sparse, instrumentation.  Factor in a fun, sing-along chorus and you have an excellent programming choice for triple-A formats.” ~ LARRY FLICK, BILLBOARD MAGAZINE (re: “True Believer”)

“LA-based The High Lonesome is a bouncy, rootsy, rockin’ band that straddles the fence somewhere between rock and Americana.  In fact, there is already an impressive collection of Americana stations supporting the project.  But The High Lonesome’s energy and solid sense of song, not to mention their great singing and playing, also qualifies them as strong contenders for Adult Rock airplay (they will remind you of a raw Eagles).” ~ Gavin’S Picks

They’ve been kicking around California’s Southland for some time now, but with the release of Feel Free To Do So and the strength of the lead track “True Believer,” The High Lonesome are picking up friends and supporters wherever they turn.  Loaded with straight ahead rockin’ pop with a touch of rootsiness thrown in, tunes like “Pauline”, “Lone Star” and the wonderful harmonies of “Black & Blue” make this disc very appealing.­­ ~ ROB BLEETSTEIN